Struggling to win is the best way to show commitment to your passion because in every path chosen, obstacles are simply pointers to the end you seek. 100×100 mixed media 10 layers acryl €3000

Earth from above

100×100 10 layers acryllic €3000 High from above the world is beautiful and it seems carefree!


100×100 – 20 layers acryl  €3250 Recognizable? Yes certainly! We often talk about negative subjects and there is a lot of negative news. But the beautiful things we do with it or make us happy we consider too little!


100×100 20 layers acryl   €3500   Rio Carnival. The big party in Brazil where women and men are dressed scarcely. The streets are going to make a big party of it, but there is also a dark side. Many women are raped and assaulted. May need more attention.

Trump wall

50×40 – 10 layers acryl €2000 He has something missing from his childhood, I think. So he became a terrible man. I think he is better off playing with blocks and build a wall around himself